Whole -wheat Tahini from Bio Sesame

Whole -wheat Tahini from Bio Sesame

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The king of spreads.

Tahini is a 100% natural product from 100% bio paddy sesame. It is a nutritional treasure because it contains valuable ingredients for our health. Particularly, tahini is rich in proteins, in vitamins (Ε, Β1, Β2) in niacin, in amino acids and in carbohydrates. Moreover, it contains potassium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, amino acids, V6 fats, copper.  It is so rare for a food to combine all these ingredients which are so important for our health.


In Osteoporosis,

Protects the Joints

Stregthen the immune system

Protects from Headaches and migraines

Fights the free radicals


Good condition of kidneys, liver and digestive system

Protects from aging

Reduces the cholesterol

It has anticancer action and maybe it acts against of Alzheimer, heart problems, eye cataract and diabetes.

Tahini is a great choice for the bread, the toast bread, the rice cracker, the yogurt, the crepes, the cakes, the cereal bars, the smoothies, the cremes, the sweets, the ice -creams etc.


Tahini is perfectly combined with honey and cocoa. 

This product is homemade and comes in excellent price!